The Ritual of
Mind Mapping

Explore How to Bring More Creativity and Inspiration Into Your Life

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Mind mapping has been one of the foundations of many of my most inspirational and creative projects including the creation of my book Radiant Rest and manifesting working with Oprah and Gayle on the Girls Getaway Cruise to the Bahamas.

In this workshop, we will explore the foundations of mind mapping for living our most authentic and purposeful life.

Created as a 21-day, self-led container to amplify your practice with the collective shakti of our intention.

The exploration begins with a recorded 2-hour workshop where I share the practice and magic of mind mapping. For the following 6 days, I will lead you in recorded video meditation followed by a mind mapping session. The portal provides you space to ask me questions and share reflections. Midway through there will be a recorded dharma talk and you will complete your journey with a recorded closing circle and practice where I will share inspirations for other ways to practice, create and connect with inner wisdom with your mind maps.

These sessions are intended to support you in creating your mind mapping ritual.

Learn the Ritual of Mind Mapping

You will learn how to mind map and establish this ritual practice into your life.


Begin the course with a recorded 2-Hour Workshop that explores the foundations of mind mapping.


Tracee will then lead you in six days of consistent morning meditation and mind mapping practices.


Our community portal will provide space for you to ask questions and share ideas.

Here is Some of What We Will Cover:

🔅 The Foundations of Mind-Mapping

🔅 How Daily Mind-Mapping Informs and Supports Dharma

🔅 Weaving the Threads of Your Mind Map Into Daily Action

🔅 Mind Mapping as a Spiritual Practice

🔅 Mind Mapping and the 4 States of Consciousness

If you feel called to be part of this sacred experience, I invite you to join!

The Art of Mind Mapping

Foundations Workshop

Daily Practice

Ask Tracee Questions and Share Reflections

Closing Circle

The Art of Mind Mapping

A 21-day container to amplify your practice with the collective shakti of our intention.