Deepening Our Relationship with the Land

Practice & Conversation with Tracee Stanley & Warren Hooley

Thursday, May 26th
3:30-5:00pm MT / 5:30-7:00pm ET

$39 / 30-day recording access

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Event Description

This online session is about further cultivating our ability to connect with the land. Whether you're like me and didn't cultivate this when you were growing up or you've already got a strong connection, this guided practice has the intention to give you the space to find your own way. Just like falling in love with a human or pet, it takes quality presence and time to deepen a connection.

We encourage you to step out into nature, whether in a park or your backyard... however, this practice can be also within your own imagination.

Take a little journey with me into the never-ending depths of the earth.

About Warren Hooley

Warren Hooley is a 36-year old man from the (Okanagan) Territory in Penticton, British Columbia. Having mixed roots of Okanagan, English and Ukrainian and growing up in both western and indigenous worlds, Warren sees himself as a bridge, helping both sides move from polarity to deeper connection. For the past 10 years, Warren has passionately facilitated over 1500 workshops on the topics of Compassionate Communication, Indigenous ‘Allyship’ and Decolonization. Today living in Vancouver BC Canada, Warren continues his journey into helping others develop healthier and happier relationships with themselves, others, their community and the land.