We Heal Together

Tracee Stanley in conversation with

Michelle Cassandra Johnson



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We are connected to all things and the entire web of life.

Every raindrop, blade of grass, bird taking flight, baby being born, ancestor transitioning, seed germinating, bear entering a cave to hibernate, whale migrating, and sea turtle resting on the shore. Even though we may know how interconnected we are to all things, we may experience periods of feeling isolated and disconnected. During these times, it is important for us to, instead of retreating into our disconnection, come back into community with one another. We must reach out, connect with compassion and openness, and practice alongside one another to heal from our past and present-day wounds and into the future.

Join Michelle C. Johnson for a book reading, discussion, and practice from her latest book, We Heal Together: Practices and Rituals for Building Community and Connection.

About Michelle Cassandra Johnson

Michelle Cassandra Johnson is an activist, social justice warrior, author, anti-racism consultant and trainer, intuitive healer, and yoga teacher and practitioner. She has led dismantling racism work in many corporate and non profit settings for over two decades and she was a social worker for twenty years. She is the author of Skill in Action, and Finding Refuge.