Kitchen Herbalism
A new series with Crystal Marie Higgins

hosted by Tracee Stanley's Empowered Life Circle

How to Make Fire Cider for Immunity

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"Plants, flowers, trees and herbs are incredible allies for our health."
—Crystal Marie Higgins

Event Description

The deep and powerful wisdom of the herbal realm has mostly been forgotten in our modern culture. Plants, flowers, trees and herbs are incredible allies for our health. There is deep solace to be found in the simplest of rituals like sipping a cup of herbal tea or rubbing oil on your temples and feet at the end of the day. And knowing what herbs can support your system when you feel sick or overwhelmed is powerful.

This will be a different kind of experiential class! We’ll be getting into our kitchens to make a Fire Cider tonic together for boosting immunity in the fall and winter months. Fire cider has been around for a VERY long time, and it is one of the most wonderful tonics to have in your kitchen for when you feel sick, or for daily immunity. Fire cider is so popular that there was even a lawsuit a few years ago where a company tried to brand their formula of Fire Cider, but luckily for us - they lost! Fire Cider belongs to everyone! Famed Herbalist, Teacher and Author of 40+ years, Rosemary Gladstar has been touting the benefits of this incredible tonic for decades, and it's even included in her book, Fire Cider: 101 Zesty Recipes for Health-Boosting Remedies Made with Apple Cider Vinegar.

These new classes with Crystal Marie Higgins will each be fun and interactive ways to learn more about the power of what is called “kitchen herbalism” - wonderful herbs that you can experiment with in the kitchen (and their properties for your health) and in future classes we’ll talk about wellness remedies like making a potent cup or herbal tea, the power of body oiling, how to make body butters and salves, and all about tinctures for immunity.

You will receive a grocery list upon registration, and everyone is invited to be in their kitchen (or listen in if you prefer and make it later) making fire cider together during the hour-long interactive class. You’ll be able to ask questions as we make some good medicine!

NOTE: Herbalism doesn’t have to be put in the place of—either or. Working with plants can support anything else you are doing to support your system and overall health. All of our ancestors at some point had a deep connection to the land, to the herbs and plants or green realm, to the animals and waters in order to survive. This connection to our roots and deeper belonging was severed, and it is time to reclaim the wisdom we all long for again.

As part of class you’ll also receive the recipe we use (which you can modify to your liking!) and tips so you can share this powerful remedy with others! This class is open to those who are curious, and want to deepen in their awareness of working with what I call our “green allies.”

About Your Guide

Crystal Marie Higgins is a lineaged Initiated Priestess in Celtic traditions, an Initiated Witch, as well as a Yoga Teacher, a Folk Herbalist and an Ethical Marketer. She has been in devotion to earth wisdom, the cycles of the moon and the seasons since 2012. She loves to create, to cook and share that magic with others!

Crystal’s intention is to awaken our consciousness toward the radical practice of attuning your life and the flows of your creativity to the seasons of the year, the cycles of the moon and the wisdom found in the everyday. She is a lover of the plant realm, being outdoors and engaging in sacred rituals.

You can learn more about Crystal on her website, or her passion project The Seasonal Herbal Box. Follow her on Instagram or Facebook at @crystalmariehiggins.

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