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The Radiance Subscription was created to help us all remember that our lives are sacred. That you are always on your path and that life is a ritual. My hope is that by becoming a member of the Radiance Subscription you awaken to the possibilities both seen and unseen and connect with your guides, allies, and ancestors.

This portal to Truth will consistently remind you that the wisdom you seek is found within YOU, allowing you to align with your intuition.

Community is part of our Awakening and this space gives you an opportunity to connect with other seekers.

Dive more deeply into your dreams and welcome rest as your birthright.

I welcome you to The Radiance Subscription,


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Every month you will receive invitations to LIVE online gatherings in the form of rest portals, dharma talks, moon ritual gatherings, and special guest conversations and workshops with some of my favorite teachers. You will also have access to recorded practices that include movement medicine, meditations, oracle draws, moon practices, and other special offerings. These emergent practices are all offered to support us through the times that we are living in. The Radiance Subscription is also a community for healing where we can share and connect as we weave these sacred rituals into the tapestry of our life. I hope you will join me on this journey.

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I am excited to connect with you in this intentional community for empowerment and awakening through LIVE Yoga Nidra practice sessions, meditation, and yogic philosophy sourced from over two decades of studentship and sharing the teachings that I have been so fortunate to receive.

~ Tracee

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Yoga Nidra + Dharma Talks

Each month Tracee will be offering you a LIVE Yoga Nidra experience and Dharma Talk. During these conversations, Tracee will share wisdom about how to powerfully step into your life purpose with clarity and courage.

After discussion, Tracee will teach an emergent and responsive yoga nidra inspired by the conversation and collective energy.

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Tracee Stanley was introduced to the practice of yoga nidra in 2001. She immediately recognized it as a healing salve for the world and began to incorporate it into her life and her yoga teaching. With over 20 years of experience practice and teaching in the Himalayan Tradition, Tantra and Sri Vidya, she also understands the demands of life as an entrepreneur, wife, and stepmom. Her effortless way of sharing ancient teachings in accessible ways is her superpower. Tracee Stanley is the author of Radiant Rest: Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation & Awakened Clarity.

Moon Rituals & Seasonal Circles

Every time the seasons turn on the wheel of the year, you will receive an invitation to a LIVE (remove monthly) moon ritual. In these seasonal rituals, we will invoke the elements and cast a circle, and talk about the energy and magic of the new moon and the season. These circles will include an inquiry practice and sacred rest, as well as connection with each other.

Moon rituals do not have to be complex, nor do you need to go out and buy a bunch of stuff to be in ceremony. There are so many powerful ways to connect in with the cycles of the moon, as well as the seasons, and come into a deeper awareness of what is emergent in you at this time.

These practices will be led on or within the days of every New Moon at a seasonal turn where the soil is rich with potential — of letting go, of renewing and planting seeds.

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About Our Ritual Guide: Crystal Marie Higgins is a lineaged Initiated Priestess, an Initiated High Priestess in Celtic traditions an Initiated Witch, as well as a Yoga Teacher, an Herbalist and an Ethical Marketer. She has been in devotion to earth wisdom, the cycles of the moon and the seasons since 2012. Crystal’s intention is to awaken our consciousness toward the radical practice of attuning your life and the flows of your creativity to the seasons of the year, the cycles of the moon and the wisdom found in the everyday. She is a lover of the plant realm, being outdoors and engaging in sacred rituals. You can learn more at

Special Guests

As a member of the ELC you will receive exclusive invitation to join Tracee LIVE as she holds conversations with leading healers and seekers. Receive special invitations to attend LIVE, watch the replays, and as always in the ELC join in conversation following the experience.

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Radiance Subscription Practices

When you join the Radiance Subscription you will receive invitations to LIVE Yoga Nidra Practices + Dharma Talks with Tracee Stanley, New Moon Rituals with Crystal Marie Higgins and conversations and workshops with Special Guests. You can also enjoy Practice Anytime Content + access a library that includes: Movement Medicine, Oracle Card Draws, and Meditations with Tracee. Your subscription includes access to the course Empowered Wake Up! - to support you if you wish to begin a 21 Day Meditation Program. I'll also be offering you a free gift: a 40 Day Sadhana Journal (PDF). All of these practices are contained within a network that supports you in connecting with me and other seekers.

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Every day is an opportunity to move deeper into a place of rest and intuition.


  • What is The Radiance Subscription? Created by Tracee Stanley, the Radiance Subscription is a sacred portal of offerings that guides you towards self-remembrance, inner wisdom, and truth. Each month you will receive invitations to LIVE Yoga Nidra and Dharma talks with Tracee Stanley, Moon rituals with Crystal Marie Higgins, and conversations with special guests. You will also receive fresh meditations, movement practices, oracle card pulls with Tracee, and more each month! When you join you will be able to view a library of content to support you in your journey and will be part of a private community where you can connect with other like-minded seekers.
  • How Much Does it Cost? We've created three monthly options to support you & our community, and have included a 30-day FREE TRIAL so that you can try it out first. (Cancel anytime before the trial ends, and you won't be charged.)
    Sustainer =  $54/month
    Supporter = $27/month
    Community = $18/month
    Annual Pricing: $299 /year
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  • What Happens When I Join? When you click the join button you will be directed to our private mighty network (Empowered Life Circle) to sign up for your membership, including your free trial. When you enter the Radiance Subscription we will greet you with a Welcome article that will fill you in on how to set up a profile, RSVP for events, and download our app so that you stay in the know about upcoming events, new content releases, and notes of inspiration from Tracee.
  • How Do I Sign In and Access Content? You can sign in to your account in your browser at We recommend downloading the mobile app on your phone (Text Yourself the App). Once inside the portal you will be able to see all new content and conversations in your activity feed. You can also browse by topic. All live events will be posted for you to RSVP and zoom links provided for you to attend.
  • Is There An App for Easy Access on My Phone? Yes! We encourage you to download the app so that you stay updated on all new posts, events and can easily access practices and participate in conversations. The app is available on iOS or Android. There is also a selection of notification settings you can customize.
  • Will My Membership Renew & How Do I Cancel? Depending on your plan, your membership will update monthly or annually. You will receive an email notification 3 days before your subscription is up for renewal. To cancel your plan go to your profile and click "your purchases" where you'll find the option to unsubscribe from automatic renewals. Depending on how you signed up for your account - you may need to do this on a web browser rather than the app.
  • What If I Am Having Trouble Signing Up for the Radiance Subscription? We recommend using a browser to create your account. If you have taken a course with Tracee in the Empowered Life Circle with Tracee then you already have an account. Using a browser, go here and sign in to your account. Then click one of the "Internal Link" plans in the same window and sign up for your subscription. This should add your Radiance Subscription to your account.
  • What If I Have Questions or Need Support? You can always email if you have questions. You can also browse this help section for articles.

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