Empowered Life Circle

A sacred portal of offerings that guides you towards self-remembrance, inner wisdom, and truth.

Rest. Dream. Awaken.

Be inspired to rest into the cells of your being. Like stars that twinkle in the sky. See the light of your knowing and the space to explore. Awaken to the possibilities and know that you ARE awake.

Journey to new ideas and visions. See them in full color. Join with guides inner and outer. Know that you are safe and always supported. Right in this moment. Right in this moment. Right in this moment.

With Great Joy

I invite you to this portal of the Empowered Life Circle (ELC). I am devoted to the sacred space of Sangha and cannot wait to see what transformational magic we create together.

The ELC brings you courses, monthly LIVE online gatherings with special guests, and the opportunity to join the Radiance Subscription.

These emergent practices are all offered to support us through the times that we are living in. The ELC offers us healing space to share and connect as we weave these sacred rituals into the tapestry of our life. I hope you will join me on this journey.

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